Farm Foundations Based on:
Somerset Farm (Dick’s Chicks and Bunnies) name and farm enterprises are influenced by the writings of the late F. Newman Turner. His working regenerative farm knowledge, in the 1940’s) was and still is all inspiring to the great calling for grass based farming. His dairy farm, Goosegreen Farm, was located in Somerset district area near the town of Bridgewater, England. The book “Fertility Pastures” (ACRES USA) provides the working knowledge that speaks boldly to today’s regenerative small grass base farmer. To this end, Somerset Farm humbly follows these same ideals and legacy written by Mr. Frank N. Turner.

Dick WagerSomerset Farm is proud to have supportive family members that support and provide physical labor. It is the family atmosphere that is hopefully shared with each direct customer. The farm is open to anybody and does promote the following principles: integrity of product, grass based farming, mimicking natures template, community shared agriculture, herbal and spiritual health, animal individuality, earthworm production, and farm transparency.