About Us

The Story at GRASS Level:

Somerset Farm (Dick’s Chicks) produces beyond organic healthy local farm products for its loyal customers from pastured layer (brown) eggs, pastured chicken, forage-based rabbit and stewing hens. Each farm animal is fed wholesome (no hormone, antibiotic or synthetic anything) feed, farm raised herbs (comfrey and garlic) and all you can eat green “Salad-bar” grass. Salad bar grass (diverse mix of grasses, legumes, and forbs) are the key essentials to having happy/healthy farm animals which in turn provides consumer healthy food. Diverse grass feeding and animal husbandry are the missing links causing great detriment in the current unhealthy food chain system.

The real foundation and heart to each of Somerset Farm enterprises resides in producing healthy fertile soil with animal wastes, compost, and earthworms. It is the earthworm repopulation that provides unbelievable soil fertility and diverse grass growth (polyculture of grasses). As this new soil “uppens” (soil improves upward never downward) with a more vibrant earthworm population so too does the pasture solar panels (another term for grass sward) increases providing for a healthy animal food.

Relationship Marketing and Sales for Somerset Products:

“Farmers and eaters are center stage at Somerset Farm”

“It’s not just about people who are trying to grow food. It’s about those people who care about what they eat.”

Somerset Farm uses direct farm marketing on all products either through retail sales or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSA is a relationship agreement between the farmer and loyal customer. I t is essentially a way to bring the farmer to the consumer and the consumer to the farm. The CSA has agreement forms to be filled out and given back to the Farmer: Pastured chicken and Pastured Eggs.

The other missing link in our current food chain delivery system is the farmer and consumer relationship. It is paramount at Somerset Farm that each customer gets to know the farm and the farmer and the Farmer gets to know his valued customers. As you look at this relationship, it brings the common partnership in understanding and knowing how your food is being raised and processed for your family plate.

Somerset Farm Foundations and Stewardship:

Mission: Somerset Farm studies and reproduces the movements and habits of God’s creatures, whereby this duplication produces the most nutritious, healthy and beneficial food at an affordable cost for each local individual consumer.