New eggs birds providing comedy hour today…

Our new laying chicks are coming along…growing well, bonding and sleeping well too as this one bird shows us! We are REALLY looking forward to getting our egg production back up to par but in the meantime, these birds will get lots of food, water and comfort.

sleepingchickPhotos courtesy of Eleanor Rigby Photography @

Our turkeys are finally satisfied and growin’ like cute weeds!

Thanks to a strange series of chilly August nights, our turkeys were struggling to stay warm and cozy. However, in their third week and after LOTS of attention from Farmer Dick, Susan and Jessica, they are visibly content and jazzing up the energy here at Somerset. They are also being introduced to munching on grass and loving it so far!


















Photos courtesy of Eleanor Rigby Photography @


An evening at the new location of Somerset Farm at the crossroads of Timber Ridge and Borden Grant

Brought family and a friend together to share a nice sunset and check on the animals at Somerset Farm. Our rabbits (in the distance) and last round of broilers on the lush green pasture are shown here, along with a sweet shot of the young turkeys we are raising for the upcoming holidays. However, no surprise that the Great Pyrenees pup, Roxey, stole the show…photographs courtesy of fellow farm hands and daughters, Jessica and Rebekah @ www.eleanorrigbyphotography.comsunsetbarn


broilers roxeysam weathervein2B&W

Calendar of Availability 2015


Season’s over for broilers and turkeys, folks. We will be taking orders for next May-October of 2016. Call or email to place your orders.

Broiler Chickens: (Tentative Dates)
1st Batch: June 3rd
2nd Batch: June 17th
3rd Batch: July 1
4th Batch: July 15
5th Batch: July 29
6th Batch: August 13
*Other batches may be offered during the season. 

Every Wednesday (8 am-4pm): Egg Spot Pick up at 9 Pinehurst Drive. (Neighborhood Buying Club). Need information? Call or e-mail.







Every Tuesday (8 am-11:00 am): We have egg drop off (Mothers Buying Club) on Ross Road. Need information? Call or e-mail.