Pastured Dairy

We are GRASS farmers, first and foremost!

Our girls are grass-fed dairy cows. They graze all day on grass from nutrient-dense soils with NO PESTICIDES or other toxic treatments. Our dairy cows also have access to hay during winter months from our fields and are given a small amount of all natural, non-GMO grain rich in proteins and other minerals from Sunrise Farms. We feed a small amount of grain to keep our girl content in the headlock and support our all natural, local producers. Our dairy calves consists on grass and milk exclusively to provide them with the most healthy development in the early, crucial months of life.

COW CARE @ SOMERSET: Our dairy herd is provided fresh pasture and a clean, dry stall in which to live with constant access to clean water. We take an ENTIRELY NATURAL approach to care for our cows: no antibiotics or toxic products. We minimize their risk for infection by keeping conditions unsuitable for harmful bacteria and monitoring their daily habits with a stress-free, calm approach.

We provide the most healthy environment, food, water, and care for our cows which in turn gives our families and customers a healthy base of nourishment in which they can trust. We offer cowshares as a way for you to benefit from our healthy, grass-fed cows, leaving the daily maintenance and housing to us. Interested in more information? Call or email.

COW SHARES @ SOMERSET: By purchasing a share in our cow, Sweet Pea, you can enjoy the advantages of a daily diet consisting of raw milk and its associated special products: butter, yogurt, and cheese. Please review our cowshare agreement or call us to see if this is right for you!

“The virtue of effective foods resides in their possession of all the nutritional factors nature gave them.” (Edward Howell, Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept.)

At Somerset Farm, we believe full milk value is achieved through cows who have ample and unlimited access to large stretches of fresh green vegetation and clean water. This makes them content cows! The nutritional and curative benefits are numerous by carefully producing and handling the raw milk that comes from these content cows.

ENZYMES & CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID : Raw milk from grass-fed animals is rich in enzymes and conjugated linoleic aicd (CLA), an omega 6 fatty acid. They are essential to protecting your body from diseases and maintaining optimal health.

PROBIOTIC PROTECTION: Raw milk fortifies your gut and helps stimulate and activate the body’s immune system, keeping it free of harmful, pathogenic bacteria. Yogurt from raw milk is an excellent example of a food rich in probiotic benefits.

VITAMIN D & CALCIUM: “For the last 150 million years, calcium rich insect life formed the mainstay of mammalian diets.” (Ron Schmid, ND, “The Untold Story of Milk”). Increased mineral bone density, overall improved bone structure and strength, decreased risk of osteoporosis, kidney stones and incidents of cancer are all benefits of these two nutrients.